Saturday, December 1, 2012

Movember Mileage

Movember was a great training month, for me, all things considered (by 'all things', I really mean the weather).
It was another month of base and conditioning work with the odd race for fun. I had another great swim month with some killer workouts - longer and harder swims than I've ever done - and I think it's paying off. We'll see. I think I can get closer to the first guys out of the water - or within a few minutes - in local events, which will make things easier. I'm sick of Short Course (25m) pools though - I am really looking forward to hitting the Olympic pools at home!
On the bike I tried to a lot of aerobic miles as well as a lot of sweet spot work. Without TrainerRoad, I'm not sure I would have survived 27 hours on the trainer in one month! Nothing overly long (in terms of an Ironman build) but lots of steady consistent work. I'll worry about 4-6hr rides in January and February - now is the time to just maintain and be consistent, harden the legs up a bit and get ready for the onslaught.
Run mileage has been very steady indeed. I averaged about 70km a week. I think the only thing that will change between now and Melbourne Ironman will be the specificity of the long run, the introduction of some structured tempo/threshold runs, and key runs off the bike. But for the most part, the formula will be the same.
Happy training!

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