Monday, December 31, 2012

December Update: Southerly Change

I'm back down under after two years away. It is great to be back! I'm loving the sun, the open roads and, above all, catching up with everyone.
It was a bit of a nightmare getting here, though. I was supposed to leave on December 11th from Ottawa however it wasn't to be. Foolishly, I did not obtain an ESTA. I arrived at the airport on the 11th and wasn't able to leave! It was truly, truly heartbreaking. After a lot of stress, more money and a few extra days I was on my way on the 16th.
It was a rough few days off the plane with a decent shot of jet lag set in. I managed to settle in OK and got stuck into some good training with mate Jeremy. We nailed some good key sessions in the Christmas week and tallied 22-odd hours for the final week of 2012!

I've backdated this post so I'll get busy soon with a few more updates.

Here are a few shots from the 'workout of the week' (150km long ride + 30min run at HIM pace off the bike)

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