Sunday, July 7, 2013

Belated Update: A different kind off season

TT'ing my fat-ass around the Meech Lake Triathlon in a relay. Ouch.
Been a little while. Few things to catch up on.

Firstly, its been almost 6 weeks since I got the stress fracture and things are plodding along. My foot still feels a little tender and, at the moment, I would be hesitant to run. I will try and get a scan ahead of running. Hopefully I will able to get running soon - it's 5 weeks out to the City2Surf and whilst I have pretty well given up on 'racing' it, it would be nice to be able to make it a solid tempo hit-out.

Running aside, training has been good. I'm back in Ottawa at the moment to receive my Canadian Citizenship so I'm loving the warmer temps and long days. I've rocked some solid hours on the bike with lots of hard riding - I've gained at least 5 watts in my CP since getting back on the bike. Problem is, I've put on a few kilos too! Since the injury, my weight has blown out to 73kgs (I was 69kgs for IM Melbourne), despite doing 10+ hrs on the bike and just under 15-20kms in the water weekly. Given the racing I'll be doing in the next 12 months is quite a bit shorter than Ironman, I'll be looking to trim down to a good sustainable weight by October.

Some good open water swim sessions too with the boys, practicing drafting, swim starts and what-not. Fun times. Love Meech Lake. Folks in Ottawa are super lucky to have that at their disposal!

In other news, I've begun doing some work for Australian triathlon site Head-honcho Karl Hayes has been kind enough to offer me the opportunity to try it out, writing some race previews, reports and interviews. I'm still learning the ropes, particularly being time-efficient with my writing, but loving it so far and looking forward to digging the heels in a little more as the Australian summer approaches. You can check out some my work so far here:

Upon returning to Australia in a couple of weeks, Audrey and I will be relocating to Wollongong (Port Kembla, specifically) which is exciting. I'm really looking forward to another new training environment and the opportunity to train with a lot of quality athletes in the region. Bring it on!

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