Saturday, March 2, 2013

Training Update: February furlongs for Frankston

Well February, that little short month between January and March, is over. That happened quickly. It was a really busy month for me, actually. Earlier this month was chillaxing and training, before I had a hit out at Huskisson Long Course, then straight into University work. The last two weeks, with uni, have flown by faster than a knife fight in a phone booth.

That being said, I did get down to some good training this month. With Ironman Melbourne now only three weeks away, February was always going to be that 'key month' (even though I don't really believe in 'key days/weeks/months etc).

Let's have a look at it, shall we:

January: 2.83hrs/day average
February: 2.91hrs/day average
In the last two weeks, I admit my performance - or quality - of training has perhaps suffered. After Huski, I was straight into a hectic week of Uni then a weekend in Sydney to complete a course. My sleep suffered and my stress levels were a bit higher. The last few days have been great, though, and I had a fantastic long brick (170km+15km) on Friday afternoon.

Run taper begins next week! Yay! I feel really ready for a taper, and more sleep!

Here are some shots of around the place taken during rides, for your perusal: 
Specky morning in Culburra

Roos hanging out in Currarong

Bald Hill on the way down to Wollongong from Sydney

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