Thursday, March 14, 2013

Taper Time

Checking in now and it's in the middle of my taper (the wind-down in training before an event). I began tapering three weeks out, and I must admit, it's an odd period of time.
Going into the taper, I had a good few solid weeks of training, including Husky LC. 

Weekly totals were:
  • 21h25m (Week of Feb 11)
  • 21h48m (Week of Feb 18)
  • 23h05m (Week of Feb 25)
I was pretty happy with how things went following Husky. I pulled up pretty well (much better than last year's long course race in MT) and within a few days was getting around training as-per normal. My only regret is not getting in any really killer swim sessions. Would'a, could'a, should'a.

My plan for the taper, in a nutshell:
  • Week 1: an 80% run load vs. the average of the prior month, with similar swim/bike totals.
  • Week 2: 80% of Week 1's running; 65-70% of cycling average volume; Normal swim volume.
  • Week 3 (Race week): Bugger all, save some small sessions i.e. few 15 minute runs and bikes.
It'll be important to keep a good amount of intensity in there and not simply fall into a "short and slow" trap which will inevitably lead to a flat day. 

Anyhoo. 9 days to go!

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