Monday, November 5, 2012

Race Report: Cookie Run 10k

My second 10km road-race of the year (and, well, ever) was this past Saturday morning. I'd been in the trenches with a cough-cold for a few days so I was pleased with the outcome: 37:28, m20-29 win and 3rd (officially? There were two other guys who finished up in the top 3 but I'm not sure if they were indeed registered) overall.
It was a cool morning and the 5km and 10km race run by Run Ottawa Club lined up together for a 10am start on the campus of the National Research Council here in Ottawa. I took off in the first km on a ~3:30/km pace, straight up the hill. That gassed me quick and the next 1.5kms or so into the steady headwind really got the HR up despite taking the pace back a knotch down to ~3:40 for km's 2 and 3. With the downhill, I clocked 3:31 for the 4th km. The 5th, 6th and 7th km's were awful. The poor pacing (and probably the cough medication) really caught up to me I ran 3:52/3:59:3:59 and lost a tonne of time to Martin Lamontagne-Lacasse (Québec stud who finished 4th at Ironman Mont-Tremblant this year) as I was totally gassed heading into the wind and up the hill again.
Crossing the 5km for the first lap, however, I noticed the clock read 18:10 or so, which constitutes an unofficial PB. I'll take it.
I managed to regain control in the last few km's clocking 3:40, 3:33, and 3:42 to bring it home for the PB.
A lesson in pacing, to be sure! With the correct pacing and a bit better health (no cold) I think sub-37 wouldn't be too far off. We'll see next time, I suppose!
The prize purse!

UO Triathlon crushed it! We must have had at least 15 folks line up for the race. We had three of us in the Top-10 for the 10km race, a top-10 woman in the 10km and a number of AG placings in the 5km race.

We did an in house prediction comp where you had to predict your time going in, the winners who ran as close to their prediction as possible took home the dough. I guestimated 37:30 that morning and took home a $25 gift certificate from

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