Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Legs 11

In the hurt-box at the Physio Race
Throughout the winter I focused in on swimming and running whilst keeping the cycling hours down to a minimum. I ran, on average 6x week following a "Barry P" style program, concentrating on frequency and consistency. In fact, since mid-December there might only be a dozen or so days where I haven't run. Same with the swimming, where I tried to swim around 5x a week - a goal relatively easy to accomplish with the pool on campus. 

Since mid-April, I've been building up the volume (except in swimming, which has been cut down to 3x a week). In the last four weeks my training has been something like 17-20hrs/week (~8000-10000m of swimming, ~250-350km of cycling, ~60-70km of running). This stupid amount of training won't last forever (don't worry, Audrey). I'll start cutting down the hours in the next two weeks to be super-sharp (hopefully) for Ironman 70.3 Mont-Tremblant. 

I've only done one little race this year, a 10km fun-run here in town, The Physio Race. It went OK. I think I had done one or two tempo runs prior to it (the rest being easy stuff). The goal was to see where my fitness was. The course was decieving in it's difficulty - a slightly undulating out-and-back along the Rideau Canal with a effin' nasty 25-odd km/h headwind on the second half. I finished in 5th with a time of 37:48 which I found encouraging, all things considered. I *should* be able to better that on some of the key Olympic distance races I'll do in the next few months. 

Enjoy a peek into it all.....

Nice ride after work on Friday:

Nasty fartlek the next day:

The take home message: Hopefully after my most consistent and demanding winter of training I can look forward to some good results in 2012! It all begins with an Olympic race in Mont-Tremblant June 9th followed by the 70.3 on the same course two weeks later!

À suivre...

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