Monday, May 21, 2012

Chopping wood, carrying water (and smelling the roses)

And so, another solid week of training is in the bag! I am simply itching to race. I feel like I have a can of energy and I cannot wait to crack it. Will be great to express the hard work on June 24th. 

The short version:

The slightly-less-short version: 3 key rides including a 4-hour long ride with +1000m of vertical; 3 key runs including two tempo runs and a 24km long run, and; 2 key swims with ~2000m main-sets. 

In other news (a.k.a. more important and certainly more interesting happenings): Audrey is back from an amazing week in Gaspé where she spent time with friends on a grad-trip of sorts! Photos are amazing and I'm sure they don't quite capture the serenity and beauty of the peninsula. She brought us back some lovely fresh Gaspésien seafood, too!  

We've had a wonderful long-weekend here in Ottawa. The weather has been epic (~30 degrees) and the mood relaxed - perfect! There was a multi-day cycling event in Gatineau over the weekend which we went to take a look at this morning. It was fun! I only wish I had of gone to see the TT where Clara Hughes - a multiple Olympic medalist (summer AND winter games) and veritable Canadian sporting icon - backed up her 2011 title (see video below)

Looking forward now to Mum & Dad's arrival in no less than three weeks! Yikes!

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