Saturday, November 9, 2013

Race Report: Elite Energy Husky Sprint

Rain, cool temperatures and a pretty sleepless lead up. Fun times. It's been a pretty hectic few weeks, busy on my final teaching prac and working weekends meant squeezing in training has been pretty tough. The real test will be next weekend at Shepparton 70.3. Nevertheless, this was a good little hit-out and a fun day despite the weather.
Thanks for pic Mark

Overall result was 15th (out of 398) in the Sprint race, and 3rd in m25-29, with a 1:09 time. Ahead of me were a bunch of fast juniors and consistent dream-crusher Mick Maroney, as well as a number of other studs.

Swim (750m): 11:09. Easy triangle loop in J-Bay. Water looked pretty glassy at first glance, but there was a little bit of swell to contend with. Started in the front row and pushed to keep pace with a few fish. Lost touch ahead of the first can as I drifted off to the right 10m or so, but swam tightly across the next section and exited in 6th.

T1 + Bike (20km) + T2: 38:27 (Actual bike split was 35 and change). Felt much better on two wheels today, compared to Nepean.  I was in the third wave of starters, so there wasn't too much traffic ahead and the biggest challenge was the weather, with a few downpours early on. Cycling still very much a work in progress, but I'm happy with how it felt today. I hit T2 in 3rd.

 Run (5km) 19:32: Didn't quite feel magic, but was able to get along at a decent clip and hold onto 3rd. The kids from the U20 wave were well ahead, so it was pretty lonely for the most part. I saw Mick breathing fire just after the turnaround so I knew he was going to be on my heels if I let up. 3:46/km ave pace just a little quicker pace than Nepean the other week - I just don't have those high-end gears! The course was a touch long, I think - I measured it at 5.23km - but meh, all good.

Looking forward to heading down to Victoria and rolling the dice next weekend!

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