Saturday, October 20, 2012

Race Report: 9 Run Run 1/2 Marathon

First road race since the spring and the first half-marathon in 12 months in the bank! Ideal conditions greeted us this morning for the 9 Run Run road-races - a local race which supports Do It for Daron, an organisation supporting and promoting awareness of youth mental health.

Going into the race I had no finite expectations. I just wanted to gauge my fitness and have fun. The second ever - and most recent - half-marathon I ran was 2011's Army Run where I nabbed a PB of 1:27:51. A year of consistency later, I wanted to throw my cards down again and see if I had improved without really any specific training whatsoever. Well, I'm happy to say that I did. I took about 4:30 off my 2011 time, with an official split of 1:23:23 and 6th overall from 552 finishers.

Josh and I coming back into town
The course was good. The first few km's were fast and the front boys took off quick. We settled into a solid pace around 3:50 until 5-6kms where the constant +1-2% false flat and ~25km/h headwind broke the group pretty well by the ~10-11km marker when we turned north and began the way back. By that point, I was working pretty hard and still losing time - my average pace blew out to 3:59 by 10km. Thank [insert preferred deity here] that a Euro-Sports guy came up beside me  and towed me along the second half of that straight - picked me right up! I dropped said Euro-Sports guy and his mate at the turn and headed off solo in pursuit of a few guys running ~1 minute ahead.

Insert Josh Mintha. Dude was pacing this race like a pro, splitting 20/40 for the 5/10km's. He came up and we exchanged a few words before setting in to a solid pace. Josh did most of the pacing (for which I was really grateful!) and we began passing a tonne of walkers from the 10km race along. At this point I was feeling much better and working less (thanks, tailwind!) than before - and the pace was better!

We were ticking off the km's on our way back into town and I was trying to appreciate the scenery along the trail and made sure I thanked the volunteers and small crowds. Not sure what happened to Josh, but he hit some kind of wall at ~19kms and dropped off. I ran 'er in for the finish and he followed about a :45 later.

Beautiful morning and a fun local event! Thanks Aug for the cheering and congrats to Marie-Noelle on the PB in the 10km race! :)

Bringing..... home

Beautiful trailness..

2012 vs. 2011


  1. Beauty!! Looks like you're on some great running form! Nice action shots from the race too!

  2. Cheers Alex! Wasn't sure where exactly my form was, to be honest. I *felt* like I had a 1:22-24 in the legs but without build/taper/etc it's sometimes hard to know how race day will pan out - especially since I ran like poop a month ago at Esprit!