Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The tapering tourist

Life is tough. 

Rest. Eat. Jog. Rest. Coffee. Eat. Repeat.

Mum and Dad are over from (a relatively chilly) Australia for a visit for a few weeks! They arrived a day or two before I finished my last Undergrad exam - good timing. We left town (Ottawa) and wandered around Québec City for a few days enjoying lots of walking, ice cream, food, coffee, and rest. It was really nice! Especially spending the day on L'Île d'Orléans wandering around taking a look at the apple orchards and filling up on fresh strawberries. Back now in Ottawa for a few nights before leaving for Mont-Tremblant on Friday - can't wait!

Taper is going well, I think. I feel rested, even too rested. Hard to gauge, mentally, how it is going as when you're not nailing big miles you feel instantly under-done and question to yourself  ''Have I done enough?'' - we'll see on Sunday!

Enjoy a few happy snaps of the 'tapering'.

Train station in Québec

Walking: Our most frequent pastime in Québec

Caught some Tour de Beauce action

Resting our legs

Île d'Orléans

Île d'Orléans

Chateau by night..

I obviously spent the whole day like this

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