Thursday, December 22, 2011

Back at it: Autumn 2011

Summer came and went quickly, in hindsight. A new scholastic year began early September and I went off to do the second required field camp for my degree in Gaspesie, QC. It was pretty cold, wet and windy during our stay but much fun was had nonetheless. The camp gave me a short-lived boost which I needed in order to get me a little more energised about the forthcoming semester. 

Once back in Ottawa a quick-paced semester rolled along. We tried to make the most of cycling as much as I could given the rapidly approaching winter would inhibit any two-wheeled forays for the better part of five months. 

Both Audrey and I kept part-time jobs with the same organisations we worked with during the summer. This was amazing given that our rates pretty well doubled from the previous part-time gigs we had!

Autumn - well the first part where the leaves are pretty and the temperatures mild - is a fantastic time to spend time outdoors. The latter half is the worst period of the year: daylight hours rapidly diminish, the wind kicks up, the vegetation takes on a brown and lifeless hue, the snow - which admittedly brightens things up - takes forever to arrive. The end result is a dangerous increase in caffeine consumption.

Enjoy some mobile phone photography:

The weeks rolled by and the snow arrived. Audrey was kept busy doing her second placement (and a bunch of other stuff) right up until Christmas, when we headed off to where the real white stuff is....

À suivre...

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